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Air Testing, LDAR Services, Regulatory Services

Dedicated to offering a practical approach for resolving our customers’ needs concerning the Development, Management, or Treatment of their Environmental and Manufacturing issues, DeNovo is an integrated product and services provider. By applying our wide range of expertise in the fields of Air Testing, Operations, Engineering, and Regulatory Compliance, we can ensure quality service resulting in environmentally sound, safe, and cost effective solutions for our clients. 




Air Testing Services are critical to guaranteeing the protection of your employees, the surrounding community, and the environment near your business. DeNovo provides our clients with superior Air Testing Services in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment.


LDAR Services

Fugitive Monitoring detects potentially environmentally hazardous leaks of VOCs from valves, flanges, pumps, etc. DeNovo offers LDAR Services including identification, tagging, database management, monitoring, record keeping, reporting, and leak management.  



Federal, State, and local Government Regulations require permits and continual reporting. We work directly with your operations and regulatory personnel to develop a comprehensive compliance program for existing or planned facilities.



DeNovo has been dedicated to offering a practical approach to resolving our customer’s needs concerning the Development, Management, or Handling of their Operating, Environmental, and Manufacturing issues. DeNovo Global Technologies, Inc is an integrated product and services provider supporting General Industry, Emergency Response, Medical Services, Disaster Relief, and Law Enforcement by applying our vast expertise in the fields of Operations, Engineering, Regulatory Compliance, and Olfactory Management, we can ensure the quality of service that will result in sound, safe and cost-effective solutions.

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