About Us

Dedicated to offering a practical approach for resolving our customers’ needs concerning the Development, Management, or Treatment of their Environmental and Manufacturing issues, DeNovo is an integrated product and services provider. By applying our wide range of expertise in the fields of Air Testing, Operations, Engineering, and Regulatory Compliance, we can ensure quality service resulting in environmentally sound, safe, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.


Why Choose DeNovo?

Customer Commitment & Satisfaction – The Customer is the reason for our Company’s existence. With this understanding, we recognize that our permanence and growth depends entirely on your satisfaction.

Dedication to Quality – We believe that it is critical to be able to supply the service you expect and to be assured of the highest level of quality to meet today’s competitive demands.

State-of-the-Art Instrumentation – DeNovo’s fleet of mobile laboratories are equipped with proven measurement technology capable of meeting all your air testing needs.

Timely Response to Your Untimely Routines – The organizational structure and depth of our staff allows DeNovo to respond quickly to your company’s needs.

Specific Resources for Your Specific Needs – From planning to completion, DeNovo assigns a team member to each project whose expertise falls within the primary scope of your project.

Safety & Regulatory Compliance – DeNovo was founded on the belief that a strong commitment to safety and regulatory compliance would prove essential for the survival and growth of a client operating in today’s market.


Our Staff…

DeNovo possesses a dimension not normally found in most engineering and environmental firms—staff with a practical manufacturing background. With expanding government regulations continually impacting operations, there is a serious need to have people who not only understand regulations, but who also understand the economic impact that a technical or regulatory decision will have on daily operations of a manufacturing facility.

The DeNovo team works closely with you, your staff, and your governing agencies to ensure that our team applies the best solution to your particular needs.

In-depth knowledge of both the regulatory and operating aspects of today’s manufacturing processes allows our staff to quickly assess the needs on a small to large-scale project, and then develop a solution in a timely and cost effective manner.

DeNovo utilizes professional teams which, having worked extensively with the high demands of America’s Manufacturing, petrochemical, and hazardous waste industries, specialize in the technical disciplines of practical process design and implantation, operating procedures development, systems evaluation, and management planning, where the primary emphasis is on sound manufacturing design coupled with environmental awareness and compliance through practical cost effective manufacturing improvements.

DeNovo’s management consists of an elite group of people who today have both the practical understanding and hands-on experience of running operating facilities, along with the capability to effectively implement current environmental regulations in a sound cost effective manner.