Today’s business community is watching an environmental revolution take place as Government regulations addressing industry and its relationship to the environment dramatically increase. With the continual introduction of legislation, it is imperative that businesses protect themselves from unnecessary financial liability using OSHA, Environmental, and Regulatory Compliance Audits. DeNovo can help your business protect itself with the following Audit Services:

  • Hazardous Operations Reviews
  • Operations Environmental Audits
  • Phase I & Phase II Site Real Estate and Facility Environmental Assessments
  • OSHA Workplace Exposure Compliance Audits
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Ambient Fence Line Audits
  • Control Device Removal / Destruction Efficiency Studies


DeNovo understands that, as is the case with the majority of intermediate manufacturing companies in America today, this may be the first time your facility or organization has come under the control of new environmental regulations. If you have never reviewed your operation from an environmental perspective, it is usually recommended that the first step to ensuring regulatory concurrence is to perform an Operations Environmental Audit.

The Operations Environmental Audit is a management tool for taking inventory of a company’s environmental assets and liabilities. It consists of a systematic review of operating activities affecting the environment to determine the status of a company’s compliance with federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations.

The audit can be as broad or as narrow as is warranted by the company’s goals. It can be limited to a particular operation or facility or for compliance with specific regulatory programs, such as air pollution or water pollution programs, or the audit can be company-wide and comprehensive. Whatever the scope, the basic principles and issues related to the audit’s performance remains the same.

The most basic audit will provide management with information on a company’s compliance status and an analysis of the implications of that information. Then, if management so chooses, the identification and analysis of options for rectifying compliance deficiencies and managing effective environmental programs can be undertaken.

An audit provides a “snapshot” of your environmental scene. DeNovo can take that picture and then supply the background resources needed to develop that picture into a masterpiece for you to admire and display proudly.

More on Audits

Phase I & II Site Real Estate and Facility Environmental Assessments are a cost-effective technique for meeting the “all appropriate inquiry” provisions of CERCLA, protecting property investments, maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem surrounding your property, and demonstrating “the innocent landowner defense.” Phase I & II Audits are designed to identify recognized environmental conditions in connection with the user’s property.

OSHA Workplace Exposure Compliance Audits address the issues associated with 29 CFR 1900 of the federal regulations. Through this program, a facility’s awareness of safety and the workers’ wellbeing are established. Within the framework of this program, the physical aspects along with the managerial requirements of operating a safe work environment are evaluated. The goal of an OSHA compliance audit is to establish long-term practices and systems that will aid in establishing an injury free environment.

Ambient Fence Line Audits determine levels of process chemicals emanating from a specific site by detecting airborne compounds and providing data on those compounds. DeNovo utilizes automated continuous and timed event samplers and CEM shelters designed to provide real time data via computer modem.

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