DeNovo’s commitment to compliance proves to be the cornerstone of DeNovo’s service. Our customers can be assured that the solutions we offer will comply with or exceed OSHA and EPA standards, and DeNovo will present our customers a solution that its employees, customers, community members, and regulatory agents will recognize as a sound solution for the environment.

This commitment is no accident! It is achieved as a result of DeNovo’s management philosophy brought on by the hands-on experience of successful operations in a safe and environmentally sound manner while having to implement programs and technologies to which the average facility had previous never been exposed.

DeNovo performs routine compliance checks on petroleum refineries, thermal waste treatment systems, cogeneration facilities, chemical manufacturers, power and steam generators, pulp and paper, coating and printing operations, waste management facilities, and more. DeNovo’s specific capabilities include:

  • Air Emission Testing
  • Air Dispersion Modeling
  • Compliance Auditing & Negotiations
  • Regulatory Interpretations
  • Control Technology Assessment
  • Health & Safety Compliance

DeNovo uses complete EPA Stationary Source and Ambient Air Emission Testing Reference Methods for documenting compliance status and/or developing and submitting facility operating permits in accordance with EPA and State Regulations for:

  • CEM certification, specification, and QA / QC development
  • Testing and evaluation of control device efficiencies for emission inventories
  • Evaluation of Destruction Removal Efficiencies (DRE)
  • Testing for chemical release reporting
  • Development and submittal of EPA approved field test data reports for documentation of source compliance status with operating permit allowable limits
  • Development and application of EPA Part 60 App. B and F operation and RATA certification procedures
  • BIF Unit and Hazardous Waste Trial Burn direction and testing
  • EPA Part 75 Acid Rain CEMS certification

Understanding that the most efficient and decisive way to achieve and maintain full compliance is through a comprehensive environmental management process, DeNovo supports the development and implementation of the following:

  • Air Toxins & Title III Compliance – Hazard Assessment, Community Right-to-Know, Toxic Chemical Release Reporting, and Emergency Notification and Planning
  • Air Permitting & Engineering – Compliance Plan Development
  • Safety & Training – Hazard Assessments, Job Analyses, Hazard Mitigation, Biological, Chemical and Radiation Safety Training,  Process Safety Management, and Interactive Computer Safety Training
  • Industrial Hygiene – Health Hazard Monitoring and Assessments and Toxicological Investigations
  • Compliance Strategies – Development of integrated compliance programs for Operating Areas, Manufacturing Facilities, and Corporate Guidance.
  • Risk Assessment – For site and product liability determinations.
  • Plant Assessment – To determine operational and regulatory compliance needs under OSHA 1910.119 & 1910.120, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, RCRA, and State & Federal Regulatory Guidelines.

DeNovo also specializes in Health and Safety compliance, which include the following areas:

  • Hazardous Communications Program Development & Training
  • Emergency Response Procedures & Employee Training
  • Chemical Information Management Systems
  • Operations Hazards Analysis
  • Risk Management & Loss Prevention Programs
  • Community Right-to-Know
  • Chemical Containment & Pollution Prevention Programs
  • DOT & Hazardous Materials Transportation Issues
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