Engineering Services provide your business with the necessary framework of diversified engineering solutions essential to the design and completion of projects. DeNovo has complete engineering and design services available from idea conception to the detailed development of your project.

Our engineering and design teams are equipped with the latest computerized design and development technology software. We offer engineering services with capabilities ranging from feasibility studies to pilot plant testing and on into complete expansion or grass roots project design and construction management.

DeNovo’s engineering and design teams work closely with you to ensure we apply the best solution to your particular needs. DeNovo Global Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing superior project support that is on time, to specification, and within budget.
DeNovo’s Engineering and Design Teams.

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Engineering Design Group

Utilizing the Engineers’ Layout, P & ID, and Equipment List along with the latest CAD software, our designers will develop all design drawings required for any project scope. If required, our experienced drafters are also available to create the detailed shop drawings required for fabrication.

Our design group specializes in the following fields:

  • Mechanical – Industrial equipment, heavy equipment, precision parts, assembly drawings, detail drawings, geometric dimensioning
  • Electrical / Instrumentation – PLC, DCS, MCC, switchgear, substations, control systems, power distribution, communications, and data highways
  • Civil – Foundations, concrete structures, reinforcing bar schedules, site plans, municipal / public works, sumps, drainage, and roadways
  • Structural – Steel structures, platforms, pipe supports, stairways, skids, and miscellaneous steel
  • Piping – Process piping above and below ground, heaters, compressors, plant layouts, equipment arrangements, checking existing drawings, and isometrics
  • Large Document Scanning – Archiving, transferring scanned drawings into vector format


DeNovo can design your instrumentation, electrical, and control system needs for chemical, petrochemical, environmental, food manufacturing, power generation facilities, and government services. Our engineers can develop the project scope, design criteria, system specifications, and operating configurations for any phase of the project.
We are dedicated to developing operating systems that are reliable and practically maintainable within each facility. Operating systems we design include:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Motor Control Center (MCC)
  • Switchgear
  • Substations
  • Control Systems
  • Power Distribution
  • Communication Data Highways


DeNovo’s Mechanical Engineering experience includes conceptualizing mechanical systems, precision parts, electro-mechanical handling and packaging, and industrial equipment. Additionally, our expertise includes the areas of stress analysis, hydraulic / pneumatic circuits, materials science and geometric dimensioning, and tolerancing.

DeNovo is well versed in various CAD systems (both 2D and 3D), Finite Element Analysis, written specifications, implementation of competitive strategies, and negotiations with vendors. Our project management skills, coupled with our engineering experience, allow us to provide superior mechanical support for your project needs.

DeNovo’s Mechanical Engineering provides your business with services relating to:

  • Stress Analysis – materials science
  • Mechanical Systems – related components
  • Electro-Mechanical Packaging & Handling
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Precision Parts – Geometric Tolerancing

Structural Engineering

DeNovo’s engineering experience includes civil and structural project supervision, engineering design, drafting, and estimating labor and materials for such projects as petrochemical plants, polymer production plants, food processing plants, cement manufacturing, steel mills, tire and rubber plants, wastewater treatment facilities, and skid mounted process units.

Our engineers utilize STAAD III and other engineering tools in designing structural components for seismic, wind load, and process load conditions using both MKS and FPS units for domestic and foreign assignments.

DeNovo’s Structural Engineers provide your business with services related to:

  • Stress Analysis – Steel & concrete
  • Site Hydrology Analysis – Hydraulic calculations, municipal / public works
  • Structural Steel – Steel structures, heavy industrial, platforms, pipe supports, stairways, skids
  • Concrete Structures – Cooling towers, bomb shelter, vaults, sumps, containment, reinforcing bar schedules
  • Foundations – Mat foundations, pile foundations, reinforcing bar schedules
  • Site Plans – Land development, erosion control, plot plans


The success of any operating facility depends on thorough, up-front planning and training. As part of DeNovo’s services, our group of manufacturing and safety engineers is able to develop and implement the necessary Standard Operations Procedures training along with training modules, which are needed on all process installations and modifications. DeNovo’s comprehensive approach provides a means for all involved parties of the manufacturing facility to be active participants in the development of the facility programs, thus ensuring site wide acceptance and ownership.

Using current OSHA guidelines, state of the art modeling protocol, and our diverse expertise, we can effectively structure a hazardous operations audit to achieve specific objectives. These objectives include:

  • Identifying process deficiencies, which can result in injury, loss of productivity, or loss of assets.
  • Determining the necessary appropriate measures in either equipment or procedural changes, which will prevent identified issues.
  • Ensuring that a standardized corporate philosophy is followed concerning overall safety, the protection of employees, and the preservation of company assets.
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