Federal, state, and local regulatory agencies require most chemical plants and refineries to perform fugitive emission monitoring / LDAR in order to identify potential sources of VOC leaks into the atmosphere and to minimize the environmental effects due to these leaks. Identifying and monitoring sources of VOC leaks can become complicated as leaks can originate from valves, flanges, connectors, pumps, compressors, pressure relief devices, difficult to monitor components, and all other applicable components.

Fugitive Emission Monitoring detects potentially environmentally hazardous leaks of VOCs from valves, flanges, pumps, etc. DeNovo offers Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Services including identification, tagging, database management, monitoring, recordkeeping, reporting, and leak management.

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DeNovo utilizes state-of-the-art equipment back by years of experience in fugitive emission monitoring to ensure your company meets the requirements set forth by federal and state regulatory agencies. DeNovo’s LDAR Services include:


  • Initial Identification and Tagging of Components
  • Evaluations of New Equipment
  • Development and Management of Component Databases
  • Monitoring of Components
  • Instrument Repair / Facility Notifications
  • Certifications
  • Recordkeeping
  • Regulatory Agency Reporting
  • Auditing
  • Guidance with Federal and State Inspections
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