Permitting Services

DeNovo’s staff of highly trained Engineers specializes in the coordination efforts between environmental regulatory agencies and the client. The staff at DeNovo is continually reviewing the most current environmental regulations under RCRA, Superfund, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, along with the other state and federal regulations.

The staff’s knowledge of these regulations, combined with its technical expertise and familiarity with regulatory agency infrastructures, allows DeNovo to successfully represent the client in all aspects of the permit development and negotiations process and then again in the design and implementation phase of the program. DeNovo specializes in:

  • State Permitting & Permit Exemption Development [Air]
  • Federal EPA Permitting – Title V [Air]
  • PSD Permitting [Air]
  • Permit Negotiations [Air]
  • Permitting of Industrial Wastewater Discharges [Water]
  • NPDES Storm Water Permitting [Water]
  • RCRA Permitting [Solid & Hazardous Materials]

DeNovo offers complete Regulatory Services for developing and submitting facility operating permits in accordance with:

  • EPA
  • RCRA
  • Clean Air – Title V
  • Clean Water – NPDES / Storm Water
  • Part A & Part B Applications
  • Exemption Submittal
  • Phase I & II Audits


DeNovo’s Permitting Management Services include:

  • Development and submittal of construction and operating permits regarding Air (all Clean Air issues including PSD and Title V), Water (storm, sewer, waterways, and process – Hon Rule wastewater treatment VOC emissions), and Reporting under SARA Title III Right-to-Know.
  • Submittal of exemptions under the above regulations when appropriate.
  • Development and application of source specific field test data generated from stack testing and ambient air sampling programs.
  • Performing National Register of Historic Places evaluations and Historical Assessments HABA / HAER documentation review.
  • Carrying out Biological / Ecological Assessments including baseline studies, impact assessments, and ecological risk assessments.

International Services

In addition to the permitting services offered above, DeNovo specializes in International Permitting in Mexico. DeNovo has direct experience with developing and obtaining one of the first regulatory permits from SEDESOL (Mexico EPA) for the handling, processing, and disposal of hazardous materials. Additionally, DeNovo established guidelines for the proper handling of energy recovery materials, which SEDESOL has implemented in their standards.

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