Regulatory Services

Federal, State, and local Government Regulations require permits and continual reporting for currently operating air pollution sources. DeNovo works directly with your operations and regulatory personnel to develop a comprehensive compliance program for an existing or planned facility. DeNovo offers Regulatory Services in the following areas:

  • Audits
  • Compliance
  • Permitting
  • Emission Inventories

Having taken a leading position worldwide in the development of environmental guidelines over the past thirty-five years, the United States has, through the cooperation between industry, the agencies, and independent consulting groups, continually revised and improved upon many conceptual ideals which were born from within the regulatory agencies.

This development has taken many different turns, which at times meant a complete reversal of a program due to initially unforeseen effects. The learning cycle has proven to be long and financially taxing on the agencies and industry.

The regulatory group at DeNovo has been involved first hand with regulation development and implementation from both the agency and manufacturing standpoint. It is through this unique combined experience that DeNovo has been able to achieve a balance that allows both the client and the regulating agency the ability to jointly establish operating guidelines that best fit the environmental as well as manufacturing issues at hand.

DeNovo’s regulatory and operating experience in the fields of Thermal Destruction (Incineration), Fuels Blending (Energy Recovery), Chemical Decomposition (Bio-Remediation / Neutralization), and Encapsulation (Landfill) enables us to understand the benefits and disadvantages of the several different methods of material disposal. From this we can then properly identify the most environmentally correct, operationally practical, and cost effective technology for a given type of waste stream. Some specific capabilities include:


  • Design of Wastewater Pretreatment Systems
  • Design of Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • State-of-the-Art Transfer, Storage, Waste Fuel Processing, Energy Recovery, Incineration, & Landfill Facility Designs
  • Waste Management Facility Development
  • Construction Supervision, Inspection, & Certification

DeNovo helps the client understand that using the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) does not always mean implementing the most expensive and most complex technology. Practical applications are the key to the success of any regulatory program.

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