Emission Inventories

Familiar with the requirements set forth by different state regulatory agencies, DeNovo prepares and completes emission inventories in over ten states. These services include:

As part of a federal effort to protect human health and the environment, the Clean Air Act requires Title V permitted facilities to develop emission inventory reports of their discharged air pollutants in order to track emissions of air contaminants. State and federal regulatory agencies then collect and compile reports to ensure compliance with the 8-hour ozone national ambient air quality standard (NAAQS), the revised particulate matter (PM) NAAQS, and the regional haze regulations. 

  • Determination of Applicability
  • Initial Emission Inventories
  • Annual Emission Inventories
  • Special Emission Inventories
  • Emission Calculations

In addition to Emission Inventories, DeNovo provides modeling assistance using the latest state-approved software and requirements. Our staff will meet your specific need by utilizing our extensive experience with state and local agencies throughout the nation. In addition to site-specific modeling issues, DeNovo assists our clients in the following specific areas:

  • Modeling Protocol Preparation
  • Simple / Complex Terrain Modeling
  • NAAQS & PSD Requirements
  • GEP Stack Height Determinations
  • Building Downwash / Wake Effects
  • Property Line Impacts
  • Open Pit Modeling
  • Fugitive Source Modeling
  • Site Risk Assessment Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
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